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What is an ACH loan?

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January 25, 2020

In the world of traditional lending, having less-than-stellar credit can be a big hindrance. Bankroll helps level the playing field so more small businesses can get the funding they need. Getting an ACH loan is a sound option for many small businesses.

An ACH loan is also considered a “cash flow” loan, because rather than scrutinizing your credit, the underwriter will focus more on the average daily balance of your business checking account. Once funded, the lender will draft the payments directly from your business checking account to repay the loan.

While ACH loans help to provide quick access to cash, they typically carry higher interest rates than other small business loans. In addition, the loan amounts are usually smaller. However, if you need short-term financing and credit is an issue, an ACH loan may be a good decision to help meet your business objectives.

It’s important that you understand the fees and terms of your ACH loan before proceeding, so you can weigh your options and make a sound business decision.

If you need a short-term cash flow bridge, an ACH loan may be the right fit. Your dedicated loan specialist will be happy to answer any questions and walk you through the funding process.

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