Why do you pull credit?

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Why do you pull credit?

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January 25, 2020

Credit is an important factor when it comes to qualifying you for certain small business loan products. Your credit history provides a snapshot of your repayment history on past financial obligations. In order to provide the most competitive small business loan options, we need to present your credit history.

We do a soft pull on your credit. What’s the difference between a hard pull and a soft pull? In short, a soft pull is just a quick inquiry that doesn’t have any effect on your credit.

Many small business owners have less-than-stellar credit – so don’t worry if your score is less than perfect. We have solutions for most credit situations.

By the way, there may be some loan products that require a hard credit pull in order to verify your qualifications. So if you choose one of these options, we’ll be sure you’re notified well in advance that there will be a hard pull on your credit.

If you have any questions regarding your credit report or score, your dedicated loan specialist will be happy to help.

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