Premier Research Papers USA

Premier Research Papers USA

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June 28, 2023

Premier Research is a leader in clinical research and development services. They’ve submitted four patents and bought Health Decisions. You’ll be amazed by the knowledgeable, smart team behind this company as well as the quality of their work. They are motivated by the desire to make writemypapers a difference. Premier Research is a team of highly-skilled writers and researchers who have a common goal: To make a difference in people’s lives.

Premier Research is a leading provider of clinical research and development services

Premier Research, a provider of clinical research and development services, has announced the appointment of three new leaders to its team in oncology. Slawomir Wojtowicz–PragaVice-President Global Head of Med Affairs Ayesha A. Panit and Ashley Herrick are the three new members. These appointments will enhance Premier’s differentiation and product planning services.

Premier Research is a global provider of clinical research and development services. We assist biotech, specialty pharmaceuticals, and medical device companies transform the latest research into new treatments. The team of 1,100 employees has extensive experience in clinical research across many therapeutic areas.

Premier Research has a wealth of experience in hematology, oncology, and rare diseases. In actual fact the company has been involved in more than 310 projects over the past five years. In addition, the firm has successfully managed over 40 rare cancer research studies and 19 gene and cell oncology studies. In addition the global presence of the company allows it to deliver enhanced operational support in regions that are growing. This is especially beneficial in the Asia-Pacific region where the company has a wealth of expertise in the field.

Premier Research also provides regulatory and strategic advisory services to a broad range of medical device and pharmaceutical companies. The research portfolio it has in reproductive health and women’s health spans over 200 studies. It has extensive experience in menopause as well as reproductive health, pain management, osteoporosis and gynecologic Oncology. It has also completed PMAs to aid IVD-focused sponsors.

It was acquired Health Decisions

Premier Research acquired Health Decisions which specializes on clinical trials and diagnostics of women’s health. The company has been in business since 1989 and has completed over 300 clinical trials and 200 studies in the field of women’s health. Health Decisions has also delivered PMAs to a sponsor that is focused on IVD. Health Decisions has also submitted successful applications for women’s health treatments for colorectal and pre-term cancer.

Health Decisions is a division of Premier Research and employs 93 people. It specializes in clinical trials that focus on women’s health. It also has a large network of highly-performing research sites. Health Decisions has a 90 percent female staff and offers tailored solutions for sponsors.

Health Decisions is a full-service CRO that focuses on women’s healthcare and early-phase cancer programs. It has a total annual revenue of $3.3 million. Premier also has a revenue per employee of $3.3million. Further, the transaction will strengthen Premier’s capabilities in pediatrics as well as rare diseases, as well as 505(b)(2) clinical trials.

Premier Research Papers USA will provide medical and regulatory support for specialty and biotech companies. The company will focus on identifying unmet needs in neuroscience and oncology, and also on the use of intelligent study design for the most advanced drugs. Premier Research is based in Morrisville, North Carolina.

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